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Aled Lewis takes on Always Sunny In Philadelphia for his solo show, which opens TONIGHT, from 7-10 PM at G1988 (West)!! Join us, and Aled, as we open an incredible exhibit!

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this week, the duck and i went to florida to visit two of my besties and look at the big fish at sea world.  we made so many memories.  thanks to my parents for giving us money for christmas to help fund the trip, i needed it.

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Frozen AU where Elsa is replaced with Frozone but absolutely nothing else is changed.
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i just laughed so hard i had my first asthma attack in five years


ATTN trans/queer/nonbinary ppl: if you ever feel shitty about being different remember that you are a shiny pokemon in a sea of basic bitches

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But speaking as a trainee teacher for kids of Westy’s age, this activity is so friggin rich with learning opportunities and so engaging for him. Like so much love that Misha takes the time to do such things with his son, like you are the parent that teachers dream about.

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069 - The End

i struggled for months on how to portray everything that has happened since cricket was born, how i never could have foreseen the loss of everything that i loved about my life.

cricket and i live over an hour away from the house i helped purchase and lived in for less than six months.  i have no car or a reliable place to sleep.  daycare costs as much as rent, and working full-time retail leaves us with little money.  sweet p decided on another family that gives her more instant gratification and as of now, has little to do with raising her child.

i am utterly crippled with depression, hopelessness, and a pervading. constant sense that the only way to stop this struggle is to kill myself.  i can’t, though, and i won’t.  not just because cricket needs me, and i need her, but because i refuse to leave her alone like so many people have done to me without a second glance.

this is the end of platypuss for now.  maybe one day i will return with cricket’s adventures from a happier place.  i hope i can.

it’s thanksgiving, and i want you all to find something to be thankful for.  something that makes your daily struggle worth it.  my daughter is beautiful and smart.  even if i only have her in my life, that’s all i need.

be good to yourselves and your loved ones.  do not take them for granted.  i love you all.

-jaybird and cricket

edit: i have been asked to create a gofundme account, and the results have been amazing so far but we are still severely in need of donations.  the donations allowed me to get a car that is used but safe for the baby and pay for the title, taxes, and insurance.  we have such a long way to go.  i know you all have family and friends to shop for the holidays but if you have anything to spare, it is needed, appreciated, and will go to immediate use.  next up: a place to live!

signal boosting this on my personal account because we are still in need.  please consider something to help a struggling queer parent and their amazing baby.

herp derp, this is my personal blog.

time for bed u little shit

totally how duck went to bed tonight because i had to poop so bad

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[Image description: A photograph of a manatee in the ocean, facing the camera. TEXT: “You worked so hard. You were so brave. I am so very proud of you.”]

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not even calming manatee can help any more.